In  complete circle a 60 year Calendar is discovered. So that every year  as 28 different animals, for the whole year, happen 13.00357143 times... in every 12 months.
        In 60 years the quarter and power months do occur and are noticeable. On the date 30\05\1954 at the time 6:22 pm one of these quarters occured.
        Since this is a fictional day in a 60 year circle, it also can be on it's own  a day  by adding only the amount of times 28 different occurred , prior to the calendar year , giving a birth date month year ,you were born in.
        At the 1924  1st January was the commencement of the year dawning A 60 year Circle . In the year 1953 1954 to date 5th December , The Chinse Calender began it's own 60 year calender .
        This person was born a Crow , which occurred 6.22 times in that year  , now marked as the time of birth .
         The Western Astrology and the Chinse Astrology differed by 11 days . At the beginning  5 December 1924 there were 25 days the difference. If you start by understanding the unique changes in the circle of 60 years... somewhere you are !